Monday, August 24, 2009

Motherhood Monday!

Letting go is so hard to do. It seems that I always have something to do or something that I should be doing. Sometimes it is so hard for me to just relax and savor the moment.

I love having my schedule, it is very helpful and keeps me on task. However, something that I have learned is that I cannot let the schedule drive me. I cannot let "staying on schedule" become my first priority as a mother. My first priority must be to be a mother to my children and to serve them in all of their needs. This may mean that instead of washing the lunch dishes and scrubbing the floor during nap time, I cuddle with Isaac when he needs that extra love and attention. It may mean spending the whole morning holding Clare just because that is what makes her feel secure. Sure I may have more housework to do later, or we may be eating sandwiches for dinner, but ultimately I have to remember that my children are more important than any dinner or clean house.

And then there are the rare moments when it is me who desires to put all other tasks aside in order to just embrace the moment with the kids, the moments when Isaac or Clare falls asleep in my arms, and I desire nothing more than to hold them in my arms and cherish the precious gift I have been given. There is nothing more peaceful for me than holding my sleeping children and thanking God for my blessings!

(Clare 2 days old)

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