Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas

Today is the Feast of St. Nicholas. He was Bishop of Myra and was known to be generous to the poor, often leaving them unexpected surprises when they were most needed.

It is tradition that on the eve of his Feast Day (December 5) for children to leave their shoes out to filled with goodies. Our children look forward to this every year. Today they awoke to find there shoes filled with suckers, chocolate coins, and a new Christmas shirt. To top it off this year, a family gift was was received...their all-time favorite Christmas movie The Polar Express. There was lots of excitement in our house this morning!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Family Fun

I love this time of year. The time of year when I really get to focus on family and establishing traditions that I hope they will remember and carry with them. We had a great family weekend. We finished decorating our home and spent time partaking in Holiday festivities in Little Rock. It is such a wonderful feeling as a mother to see the joy my children have at this time of year. They are waiting in joyful expectation for Christmas!

Breakfast with Santa

Heifer Village

Downtown Christmas Parade

Decorating Our Family Tree

They absolutely had a blast decorating the tree, and this was the first year that they actually asked about the meaning of the different ornaments. They were so interested in knowing what the ornament symbolized for our family, and I loved telling them the stories.

It was a weekend full of memories and family togetherness. Although it can be easy to become immersed in the Christmas spirit, we must remember that it is Advent, and our focus should be on preparing our hearts and homes for Christ! We are waiting with hope and joy, for the arrival of Christ on Christmas Morning! Happy Advent!