Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: Beef Enchiladas, Cheese Dip

Tuesday: Soup and bread

Wednesday: Chicken Pot Pie, Honey Cornbread

Thursday: Catholic Couple's Group

Friday: Fettuccine with black bean sauce

Saturday: Caribbean grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes, green beans

Sunday: Cinnamon breakfast bites, eggs, bacon

St. John Bosco, Pray for Us!

Today is the feast of St. John Bosco. He is the patron saint of Christian apprentices, editors, publishers, school children and young people. St. John Bosco dedicated his life to the education of children, and advocated teaching and disciplining children through love, not punishment. What a great saint for mothers, fathers and teachers, right?

This morning in the Office of Readings there was a fantastic except from St. John Bosco's writings. What an inspiration it was for me especially in regards to parenting some of my more strong-willed children!

From a letter by Saint John Bosco, priest

First of all, if we wish to appear concerned about the true happiness of our foster children and if we would move them to fulfil their duties, you must never forget that you are taking the place of the parents of these beloved young people. I have always laboured lovingly for them, and carried out my priestly duties with zeal. And the whole Salesian society has done this with me.
My sons, in my long experience very often I had to be convinced of this great truth. It is easier to become angry than to restrain oneself, and to threaten a boy than to persuade him. Yes, indeed, it is more fitting to be persistent in punishing our own impatience and pride than to correct the boys. We must be firm but kind, and be patient with them.
I give you as a model the charity of Paul which he showed to his new converts. They often reduced him to tears and entreaties when he found them lacking docility and even opposing his loving efforts.
See that no one finds you motivated by impetuosity or wilfulness. It is difficult to keep calm when administering punishment, but this must be done if we are to keep ourselves from showing off our authority or spilling out our anger.
Let us regard those boys over whom we have some authority as our own sons. Let us place ourselves in their service. Let us be ashamed to assume an attitude of superiority. Let us not rule over them except for the purpose of serving them better.
This was the method that Jesus used with the apostles. He put up with their ignorance and roughness and even their infidelity. He treated sinners with a kindness and affection that caused some to be shocked, others to be scandalised, and still others to hope for God’s mercy. And so he bade us to be gentle and humble of heart.
They are our sons, and so in correcting their mistakes we must lay aside all anger and restrain it so firmly that it is extinguished entirely.
There must be no hostility in our minds, no contempt in our eyes, no insult on our lips. We must use mercy for the present and have hope for the future, as is fitting for true fathers who are eager for real correction and improvement.
In serious matters it is better to beg God humbly than to send forth a flood of words that will only offend the listeners and have no effect on those who are guilty.

Ideas for Celebrating This Feast Day
  • Have an Italian Feast as a family.
  • Pray for all educators, especially those devoted to Catholic Education!
  • Pray for all children that they may grow to love and serve God.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

St. Angela Merici, Pray for Us!

Today is the Feast of St. Angela Merici. She is the foundress of the Ursulines whose purpose is to educate young girls. Today let us pray for all educators and for all those dedicated to forming the youth.

As our Savior says: “A good tree is not able to produce bad fruit.” He says: A good tree, that is, a good heart as well as a soul on fire with charity, can do nothing but good and holy works. For this reason Saint Augustine said: “Love, and do what you will,” namely, possess love and charity and then do what you will. It is as if he had said: Charity is not able to sin. Mothers of children, even if they have a thousand, carry each and every one fixed in their hearts, and because of the strength of their love they do not forget any of them. In fact, it seems that the more
children they have the more their love and care for each one is increased. Be sincerely kind to every one according to the words of our Lord: “Learn of me, for I am meek and humble of heart.” Thus you are imitating God, of whom it is said: “He has disposed all things pleasantly.” And again Jesus said: “My yoke is easy and my burden light.” - from Spiritual Testament by Saint Angela Merici

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Saint Timothy, Pray for Us!

Today we celebrate the feast of Saint Timothy. He was converted to Christianity by St. Paul the Apostle and was later the head of the church in Ephesus. He is the patron saint of stomach problems and intestinal disorders.

Today are family will be saying an extra prayer for Uncle Timothy (my younger brother) as he celebrates his patron saint!

Ideas for Celebrating this Feast Day
  • Read some scripture as a family from the books of Timothy.
  • Pray for all those people suffering with stomach and intestinal aliments.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Conversion of St. Paul

Today's feast day is the Conversion of St. Paul. It never ceases to amaze me how God works in people's hearts. Today let us pray for conversion. Not only for the conversion of of those far from God, but also for our own conversion. Let us pray that our love for God grows stronger and that our relationship with Him goes deeper.

Saul, still breathing murderous threats against the disciples of the Lord, went to the high priest and asked him for letters to the synagogues in Damascus, that, if he should find any men or women who belonged to the Way, he might bring them back to Jerusalem in chains. On his journey, as he was nearing Damascus, a light from the sky suddenly flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him, "Saul, Saul, why are you persecuting me?" He said, "Who are you, sir?" The reply came, "I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting. Now get up and go into the city and you will be told what you must do.".
(Acts 9:1-22)

Monday, January 24, 2011

St. Francis de Sales, Pray for Us!

Today is the feast of St. Francis de Sales. He is a Doctor of the Church and is most famous for his sermons and writings, particularly An Introduction to the Devout Life. Below is an excerpt from this book, in which St. Francis de Sales reminds us that we can all attain a devout and spiritual life no matter what our position in society is.

St. Francis de Sales is the patron saint of journalists and on a personal note the patron saint of my home Archdiocese of Cincinnati. Today let us pray for his intercession in a special way as we strive to attain holiness in our vocations, whatever they may be.

From The Introduction to the Devout Life by Saint Francis de Sales, bishop

Devotion must be practised in different ways
When God the Creator made all things, he commanded the plants to bring forth fruit each according to its own kind; he has likewise commanded Christians, who are the living plants of his Church, to bring forth the fruits of devotion, each one in accord with his character, his station and his calling.
I say that devotion must be practised in different ways by the nobleman and by the working man, by the servant and by the prince, by the widow, by the unmarried girl and by the married woman. But even this distinction is not sufficient; for the practice of devotion must be adapted to the strength, to the occupation and to the duties of each one in particular.
Tell me, please, my Philothea, whether it is proper for a bishop to want to lead a solitary life like a Carthusian; or for married people to be no more concerned than a Capuchin about increasing their income; or for a working man to spend his whole day in church like a religious; or on the other hand for a religious to be constantly exposed like a bishop to all the events and circumstances that bear on the needs of our neighbour. Is not this sort of devotion ridiculous, unorganised and intolerable? Yet this absurd error occurs very frequently, but in no way does true devotion, my Philothea, destroy anything at all. On the contrary, it perfects and fulfils all things. In fact if it ever works against, or is inimical to, anyone’s legitimate station and calling, then it is very definitely false devotion.
The bee collects honey from flowers in such a way as to do the least damage or destruction to them, and he leaves them whole, undamaged and fresh, just as he found them. True devotion does still better. Not only does it not injure any sort of calling or occupation, it even embellishes and enhances it.
Moreover, just as every sort of gem, cast in honey, becomes brighter and more sparkling, each according to its colour, so each person becomes more acceptable and fitting in his own vocation when he sets his vocation in the context of devotion. Through devotion your family cares become more peaceful, mutual love between husband and wife becomes more sincere, the service we owe to the prince becomes more faithful, and our work, no matter what it is, becomes more pleasant and agreeable.
It is therefore an error and even a heresy to wish to exclude the exercise of devotion from military divisions, from the artisans’ shops, from the courts of princes, from family households. I acknowledge, my dear Philothea, that the type of devotion which is purely contemplative, monastic and religious can certainly not be exercised in these sorts of stations and occupations, but besides this threefold type of devotion, there are many others fit for perfecting those who live in a secular state.
Therefore, in whatever situations we happen to be, we can and we must aspire to the life of perfection.

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: Potluck Dinner with women from church (Dad and kids eat leftovers.)

Tuesday: Breakfast for Dinner (Eggs, Bacon, Belgian Waffles)

Wednesday: Taco Soup, Grilled Cheese

Thursday: Catholic Couple's Group

Friday: MOMS Potluck (Kids eat chicken nuggets, corn, Macaroni and Cheese.)

Saturday: Lasagna, Italian Salad, La Cloche bread

Friday, January 21, 2011

St. Agnes, Pray for us!

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Agnes. She was an early Christian martyr who remained faithful to Christ through all trials. Here are some of the famous stories from her life. She is the patron saint of the Children of Mary, girls and engaged couples. Thank you, Jesus, for her beautiful witness of faith and love!

On a more personal note, today our family will especially be remembering Uncle Kevin and Aunt Meagan as they prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage on July 2, 2011!

Ideas for Celebrating this Feast Day

  • Pray for girls in your family, especially that they would be filled with love, faith and purity.
  • Pray for all those preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage.
  • Pray a rosary or part of a rosary asking for Mary's intercession for you and your loved ones.
  • Pray for the future spouses of your children or loved ones.
  • Since St. Agnes is often portrayed with a lamb, make lamb cut out cookies or do a lamb craft.

Let us gain courage for our own battle
by honoring the martyrdom of the glorious virgin Agnes.
St. Agnes, vessel of honor,
flower of unfading fragrance,
beloved of the choirs of Angels,
you are an example to the worth of virtue and chastity.
O you who wear a Martyr's palm
and a virgin's wreath,
pray for us that,
though unworthy of a special crown,
we may have our names written in the list of Saints.
( A hymn by Adam of St. Victor)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

St. Sebastian, Pray for Us!

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Sebastian patron saint of athletes and soldiers. He was a martyr in Rome during the Diocletian persecution. Take some time today to pray for athletes and soldiers.

Ideas for Celebrating this Feast as a Family

  • Pray a Rosary or Decade of a Rosary for athletes and soldiers
  • Pray for a famous athlete.
  • Pray for all people in the military.
  • Send a card to someone serving in the military.

Prayer to St. Sebastian

Dear Commander at the Roman Emperor's court, you chose to be also a soldier of Christ and dared to spread faith in the King of Kings, for which you were condemned to die. Your body, however, proved athletically strong and the executing arrows extremely weak. So another means to kill you was chosen and you gave your life to the Lord. May athletes be always as strong in their faith as their Patron Saint so clearly has been. Amen. (

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

St. Fillan, Pray for us!

Today is the feast of St. Fillan. He was a hermit. One interesting story about him is that he was building a church, and he used an ox to help him with the work. One day a wolf killed the ox. St. Fillan then got the wolf to do the ox’s work.

He is the patron saint of mental illnesses and disorders, as well as for people who struggle with mental illness.

Today let us pray for all those struggling with any mental illness, and for their caregivers. Lord, help us to be compassionate, merciful, and kind to all those we meet.

Friends For Life

On our recent trip back to Paris, we were able to connect with our favorite friends. We are three moms who are best friends, and our kids are best friends, too! We met each other when there were only four kids between the three of us. Four years later........

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


He is on the move, and this is what happens when he is left alone for literally one minute!

Snow Much Fun!

So this picture is a little late, but it was just too cute not to post. Here is how the Pohlmeier Kids spent their snow day....

Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: Grandma and Grandpa's House

Tuesday: Sandwiches, chips, fruit

Wednesday: Stuffed Green Peppers, corn

Thursday: Catholic Couple's Group- dessert

Friday: Black Bean Enchiladas, cheese dip

Saturday: Manicotti from Freezer, corn, bread, salad

Sunday: Taco Soup, bread

St. Anthony, Pray for Us!

Today is the feast of St. Anthony the Abbot. St. Anthony is a founder of monasticism and the first Christian monk. He is credited with opening the first Christian monastery for those who desired to give themselves completely to God and live in a monastic community.

On a personal note, one of his patronages is for skin diseases and eczema sufferers. Both of my boys have had horrible problems with eczema, so I was excited to learn that I could pray for St. Anthony's intercession in our battles with their skin diseases!

Ideas for Celebrating this Feast

  • Tradition states that the devil often appeared in the form of a pig to tempt St. Anthony. Serve pork today and discuss the power of God and resisting the temptations of the devil.
  • Pray for Monks, and thank God for their daily prayers.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

St. Hilary, Pray for Us!

"In our attempt to penetrate God's truth we are held within the bonds of ignorance by the weakness of our minds. We comprehend Divine ideas by earnest attention to God's teaching and by obedience to the faith which carries us beyond mere human apprehension." St. Hilary

God grant us the grace to better understand Your truths and practice them in our lives.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Venerable John Paul II, We Love You!

In case you haven't heard yet, the Members of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, "voted and approved a miracle attributed to intercession of Venerable John Paul the II".

I don't know about any of you, but this brings great joy to my heart. While John Paul the II was living, I was blessed to have been in his presence two times. Words cannot even begin to describe the multitude of emotions that I was overcome with each time that I was near him. All I can say is that the tears never stopped streaming down my face, and that my heart was filled with love. I knew that I was in the presence of someone holy, good, and special!

Thank you Jesus for blessing us with this holy man, and allowing him to lead our Church for so long!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

La Cloche

There is nothing quite like the smell of hot bread cooking in the oven on a cold winter day. Lucky for me I absolutely love bread-making! My best friend makes the most delicious bread, and I have been wanting to make it for a couple years now, but lacked the necessary equipment. However, for Christmas, my mom bought me a La Cloche. A La Cloche is basically a cooking bell. It is made of natural stoneware and produces a moist bread with a crispy crust. Delicious!

Yesterday I finally made the bread I have been waiting for, and it was just as good as I imagined it!

The La Cloche

Step 1: Let dough rise 12-18 hours

Step 2: Shape dough, place in a covered plastic container coated with cornmeal, and let rise another 2 hours

Step 3: Transfer dough to La Cloche and Bake!


Rite of Passage

I absolutely love entertaining and have looked forward to hosting my first big dinner for quite some time now. Christmas Day gave me the opportunity to cook my very first turkey with all the traditional side dishes. I probably went a little overboard with all the food and decorations, but I was just too excited and what better way to celebrate the birth of our King!

My First Turkey!!!!!!

Here is my napkin for the place setting. Also, here I am sporting my snazzy new apron from Jason!

The table before food

I know I am a total nerd! Oh well! I had such a fun time enjoying the day with my family and Uncle Erik, and I can't wait to host another holiday dinner soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Going on a Sled Ride!

We don't have any hills nearby, so we concocted our own hill! Enjoy!

Isaac's Sled Ride Take 1

Isaac's Sled Ride Take 2

Snow Day!

Growing up in Ohio snow days were not uncommon, and very rarely did an entire winter pass without significant snowfall. Living in Arkansas it snows less frequently, and it seems we rarely get enough to do things like build snowmen and sled.

Since Christmastime, the kids have been begging and praying for significant snowfall. Well, today their prayers were answered!

Weekly Meal Plan

Monday: Rigatoni alla Norcina, Homemade Bread, Salad

Tuesday: Planned Leftovers (Chili, Smothered Chicken, Pasta)

Wednesday: Ribs, Macaroni and Cheese, Salad, Corn and Bread

Thursday: Catholic Couple's Group...Salad to share

Friday: Natural Family Planning Meeting...Appetizer to Share

Saturday-Sunday: Headed to Paris to visit family!!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

I'M BACK!!!!

Well, with the start of the new year, I thought it might be a nice idea to begin the blog again. It has a taken awhile, but we now have a new normal around here and have adjusted to being a family of five. I look forward to posting more regularly again and letting you all know what is going on in the Pohlmeier family. Just to kick the new year off I have included some recent pictures of the kids. Enjoy!