Friday, January 21, 2011

St. Agnes, Pray for us!

Today we celebrate the feast of St. Agnes. She was an early Christian martyr who remained faithful to Christ through all trials. Here are some of the famous stories from her life. She is the patron saint of the Children of Mary, girls and engaged couples. Thank you, Jesus, for her beautiful witness of faith and love!

On a more personal note, today our family will especially be remembering Uncle Kevin and Aunt Meagan as they prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage on July 2, 2011!

Ideas for Celebrating this Feast Day

  • Pray for girls in your family, especially that they would be filled with love, faith and purity.
  • Pray for all those preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage.
  • Pray a rosary or part of a rosary asking for Mary's intercession for you and your loved ones.
  • Pray for the future spouses of your children or loved ones.
  • Since St. Agnes is often portrayed with a lamb, make lamb cut out cookies or do a lamb craft.

Let us gain courage for our own battle
by honoring the martyrdom of the glorious virgin Agnes.
St. Agnes, vessel of honor,
flower of unfading fragrance,
beloved of the choirs of Angels,
you are an example to the worth of virtue and chastity.
O you who wear a Martyr's palm
and a virgin's wreath,
pray for us that,
though unworthy of a special crown,
we may have our names written in the list of Saints.
( A hymn by Adam of St. Victor)


  1. I more recently discovered that I was baptized on the feast of St. Agnes - which is a complete blessing because my name, Katherine, means "pure" and her intercession clearly helped me throughout my life!

    I'll be praying extra for my little Clare today!!

  2. Thanks for the prayers! What an awesome Baptismal Day! I didn't know that Katherine meant pure. God is amazing and I am always in awe of how He ties all things together!