Monday, August 17, 2009

Motherhood Monday!

One thing that has been very helpful for me in both budgeting and time management is menu-planning. I menu-plan weekly in order to maximize savings using both weekly sales and coupons. I often use the planned left-overs mentality in order to save time and money. It has been very helpful to me to know each day what I will be preparing for dinner, and to not have to worry about what the evening meal will be. It also helps me when I go to the grocery store. I come with a list of exactly what I will need, and buy only what is on the list. Unless of course, I find an unannounced deal or something special on manager's clearance. I am a firm believer in the family dinner, and this is the way that I ensure that each night there is something for dinner to eat!

Click the link below to see this week's menu. Let me know if you want any of the recipes, and I will post them to the blog!


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  1. I still want your "6 hour" lasagna recipe.

    Matt and I made venison cannelloni yesterday from scratch, noodles and all. It turned out really good.

    I had forgotten how much fun it was to cook with him. We have actually gotten the chance to do it more often lately. He really is good around the kitchen. We used to cook together all the time before we had kids.