Thursday, September 24, 2009

Marriage Matters Thursdays!

It seems like the last couple of weeks my Thursdays have been busy, but things have finally started slowing down, and so now Marriage Matters Thursdays is returning.

A few weeks ago I said that I was going to start posting reflections on the readings and Mass parts from our Nuptial Mass. So the next part of my series will continue with the first reading from our wedding. The reading we chose from the Old Testament was Genesis 2:18-24. This is probably a common reading at many wedding Masses. Jason and I chose this reading as a reminder of the fact that God created man and woman, and that He created us for companionship. I am so blessed to have been given a loving husband. I am so grateful for his love, guidance and companionship on the journey of life. One of my favorite lines in this reading is "That is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife." The word that stands out in this phrase is "cling." Cling is defined as "to hold fast by or as by embracing, entwining, or sticking; adhere" This is an extremely strong word for me, and reminds me that no matter what life throws at us Jason and I have to cling to one another, and help each other walk the road that God has set before us. It is only when we cling to each other, with our hears and minds focused on God, that we are strong. When Jason and I were married we became one in all ways, and we need to remember that whether life is at its highest or lowest point! Sometimes in the chaos of life I forget what a blessing it is to have someone to walk along this path with me. What a blessing I have been given, and I pray that I can daily call upon the graces of the sacrament of marriage and help lead my family to holiness!

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