Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Isaac's First Soccer Practice!

Well, Isaac had his first practice this past Monday night. I think I was more nervous than he was. I was so proud of him though. He worked so hard and listened to everything his coach told him to do. It is hysterical watching a group of three year olds try to play soccer!

I did learn a couple important things about Isaac though. One, Isaac is a follower. For example, if a little boy started turning circles on the field, Isaac would be right there with him turning circles, too. All he needs is someone to start something, and he will join in. He is not much of an instigator, but once someone starts to do something good or bad, he joins right in! I am VERY glad I have discovered this about my son. I think it will prove to be very helpful. Second, I have learned that Isaac is a visual learner and not an auditory one. If the coach would tell Isaac to do something, Isaac would just kind of look at him, until the coach actually showed him how to perform the skill. I find it very interesting how preferred learning styles appear early on in a child's development. This too will prove to be helpful for me in teaching Isaac new skills.

One of the cutest moments of the practice was an obstacle course that the kids had to navigate through. They had to jump over small hurdles, weave through poles, and run through a ladder. As you can imagine this was very entertaining. It took Isaac two turns to figure out the concept. We were proud of him in the end, though. Check out Take One and Take Two of Isaac's attempt through the obstacle course!

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