Monday, September 21, 2009

Let the Learning Begin!

This week we are going to start our weekly lessons. My plan is to pick a theme for each week and then do various activities throughout the week to complement that theme. One resource I found to really help with the planning is the Story Place. I also have compiled a collection of preschool workbooks and coloring books from places like Sam's and Dollar Tree. Each week I will try to publish my plans here, so feel free to use what you can.

This week we will be focusing on colors. Isaac has already mastered the basic colors, but he still has trouble with some of the more difficult ones like gray and white. So this week will probably be more of a review for him, but a great opportunity to introduce colors to Clare. So here is the weekly academic schedule.

Enjoy, and hopefully I will post some pictures from our lessons!

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  1. It wont let me see the weekly academic schedule! :( I may have some things that you can use if you let me know what you are working on!