Thursday, September 3, 2009

Frugal Fridays!

When I was younger my mom and I would arise early in the morning to seek out the area garage sales, in hopes of finding great deals on clothes, toys or household items. Since moving to a bigger city, I have rediscovered my love for these fabulous money saving events!

Last Saturday Jason and I, along with the kids, drove around looking for needed items at garage sales. I have been wanting to get Isaac a tricycle or little riding bike for sometime, but couldn't bring myself to pay $50 for it. So I thought I might try to find one for him at a garage sale, and find it we did. We were able to find just the right little bike for Isaac, and the best part was that it was only a quarter! Yes, that's correct, only $.25! I was also able to pick up some really neat toys for the kids for Christmas, for much cheaper than what I would have paid for them in the store. As long as you don't mind gently used items, I think garage sales are the way to go. Just make sure to thoroughly inspect items to make sure they are in good and working condition! If they are in good condition, why pay more for the item in the store.

In closing, not only did we save money by going to garage sales on Saturday, but we had a morning of fun together as a family, and that is PRICELESS!

(Isaac enjoying his new toy!)

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