Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's on a Dime!

We really make it a point to practice frugal living around here, and so decided we didn't really want to spend any money for Valentine's Day. Neither one of us needed chocolates, flowers or fancy gifts. We each only need to be acknowledged. We try to make a conscious decision everyday to something for each other anyway, whether it is a surprise cup of coffee or a random phone call. Just something that says "Hey, I am thinking about you. I love you, and I appreciate you!" Needless to say, the gift-giver personality that I am couldn't resist, and so this was my frugal attempt to celebrate Jason and I.

First, I told Jason to work late, advising him not to arrive home until at least 8:15, and to be sure to come with an appetite. I let the kids skip nap and so by the Grace of God they all went to bed at 7:00. And so when Jason arrived home, he was welcomed with a fancy candlelight dinner for two.

Here was the menu:

Appetizer: Fresh Mozzarella Cheese, Marinated Tomatoes and Bread

Salad: Dried Cherry and Feta Cheese over Romaine with a poppy-seed dressing

Main Course: Curry Chicken, Rice and Green-beans

Total Cost: $0 I used items I had on hand for decorating and food. Nothing outside of our normal budget was used.

(Not a good picture, but allows you to feel the ambiance of the dinner. The flash took away from it in the other pictures.)

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