Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas with Family!

Happy 2012! I hope the new year finds everyone well. I am going to be writing several Christmas posts, so you can see what we have been up to in our family life the past month. I had intended to post more throughout December, but chose to spend the time just enjoying the moment, It is still the Christmas Season, so I am not, too, late. :) To start, I wanted to post some pictures from Christmas with my Aunt Mary Ann. The kids always enjoy seeing her when we go to Ohio, and she is always so generous with them. This year she picked the perfect gifts for the kids, and they have been enjoying them immensely!

Isaac was so excited to receive two of his favorite toys Rex and the Kinder cd. This CD is by far the best kid's CD we have ever owned! The kids have memorized all the songs, and never tire of listening to it on car trips!

The long awaited Belle dress! She loves being a princess!

And Dominic, no pictures, but he received the Melissa and Doug Band in a Box! You can only imagine how enjoyable that has been for the family! ;)

Thanks Aunt Mary Ann! We love you!

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