Thursday, January 5, 2012

Baking Day

Nothing says Christmas time like baking! I love being in the kitchen. Yes, I know that makes me the stereotypical fifties housewife, but it is true! I love cooking, and preparing all types of goodies for my friends and family. Nothing brings me greater joy than this!

One of our family traditions is baking Christmas treats together. Jason always teases that I try to create that commercial like image of the family baking together, with frosted window-panes in the background! Ok, maybe it is true, I am going for that, but truth be told half of the time there are kids crying and fighting over who gets to lick what spatula! ;)

Chocolate covered marshmallows were the hit this year. They were so easy to make, and the kids could not stop eating them.

Allergy-free sugar cookies were also a hit. A definite plus is that you can lick spoons and bowls, without fear of illness, since there are no eggs in the batter! The kids really enjoyed decorating the cookies. Although, I think maybe they had a little too much fun with the sprinkles and icing!

And here is a picture of our final products:

After a long day of baking, we all sat down to eat goodies and watch the Polar Express!

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