Thursday, April 11, 2013


I really loved this article by Lisa Hendey.   It raised so many points that I completely agree with in regards to the use of technology.  Technology is wonderful and a great resource for evangelization, but should never affect the evangelization  you do face to face, whether it is with your own family or a stranger whose path you cross.

I am currently  in the midst of my own "unplugging," mostly meaning I have stepped away from Facebook.  I can honestly say that being off Facebook for two weeks has been AMAZING, FREEING and PEACEFUL. It is not that I think Facebook is bad.  I DON'T!! (And I will probably return at some point.)  It is just I had reached a point where most of what I was seeing on Facebook was not useful information for me.  Honestly, when I would look at my news-feed, I was filled with sadness and irritation at people's negative attitudes, selfishness and lack of charity.  I realized that my time would be better used somewhere else.  Hence, the return to blogging.  I much prefer the idea of posting my thoughts, ideas, pictures, catechetical tools, etc. on my blog.  That way people who want to keep up with us, look at my crazy ideas or whatever else I post  can, but only if they want to. In doing this I have been able to focus much more on the people God has brought into my life.  I hope those of you that follow me on the blog will find it  to be a place where you are uplifted and enlightened. 

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